Quite often, while remodeling a home, replacement of windows is considered as an effective way of achieving a refined look for the home. Also, the window installation costs are affordable thus making the task a top priority for any kind of living space. Replacement windows come in different materials and types and sliding windows are a popular choice among them.

Read on to find out interesting and useful facts about sliding windows as a replacement option.

What is a sliding window?

The history of sliding windows dates back to the 17th century when the classic sash windows (the older name for contemporary sliding windows) with high quality glass and other fixtures adorned Georgian and Victorian homes in England as well as in other parts of the world.

Sliding windows (also referred to as sliders or gliding windows) hold the sleekest profile among all other window types and move horizontally from side to side. Sliding windows can include single or double sliding units.

When must you opt for a slider as your replacement window?

While choosing a replacement window for your home, consider the following factors.

Aesthetics: Sliding windows are second to none in terms of energy efficiency and durability. They look very contemporary and chic and are well-suited for modern homes. If you are looking to add more contemporary features to enhance the overall look of your living space, then sliding windows are an apt choice.

Ease of use: Sliding windows are the easiest to handle as the sashes can be moved easily from side to side (in the case of double hung models, more pressure is needed push the sash and lift it up). People with mobility problems, have problems with lifting their arms and patients using wheelchairs can comfortably handle sliding windows. Also, sliding windows are compact enough to fit into congested locations like bathroom counters and small kitchens.

Ease of cleaning: Sliding windows with sashes that are hinged in such a way that the windows can be pivoted into the room are the easiest ones to clean. These windows can be cleaned on both sides easily.

Dimensions: In general, the sliding windows are opted for spaces that are wider than taller.

What to look for while purchasing sliding windows?

A reliable window replacement provider must be chosen in order to buy the best sliding windows with nominal window installation costs. The product must be reviewed to check for sash strength, fully integrated lift rails and extruded handles on the sash. A window replacement provider who offers sliding windows with multiple options in terms of interior and exterior colors, locking systems and promises thermal efficiency along with reduced chances of condensation is a definite keeper.

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