800 Series – Picture Windows

  • Full 3¼” Depth Welded Mainframe with beveled colonial exterior features curves that are not only beautiful but also allow for maximum weld surface resulting in strength and years of long-lasting performance.
  • Heatseal® warm edge spacer system for excellent thermal efficiency and a drastic reduction in the possibility of condensation on the inside of the window.
  • Available in Replacement and New Construction applications.

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The Picture window comes in a variety of shapes and combinations allowing for endless design ideas. Full 3¼” Depth Welded Mainframe with beveled colonial exterior features curves that are not only beautiful but also allow for maximum weld surface resulting in strength and years of long-lasting performance. Picture windows provide excellent protection against wind and rain. Our picture window frames feature a high level of draft prevention and can help lower heating and cooling costs more than any other type of window.

Our company offers three exterior color selections in addition to the standard Euro-White option to give your home a distinct look and enhance its curb appeal. You can also special order custom exterior colors from a virtually unlimited selection of paints. Our paints are environmentally safe and durable, giving your exterior a vibrant and long-lasting color finish.

Standard Euro-White Finish

Optional Almond Frame

Optional Cocoa Frame (Laminate)

Optional Natural Finish (Laminate)

Optional Euro-White, Almond, Cocoa, Bronze frame.

Picture All colors except Euro-White are available at an additional charge. Colors on your monitor may not match the product’s actual color. Printed colors may not match the product’s actual color. Please visit a local dealer to view actual color samples.

Energy StarComparison To
Glazing OptionU-ValueSHGCVTCRMinimum*Energy Star Minimum
Dual Glazed
Clear Glass0.450.620.65450.30Does not qualify
With ESP0.270.310.56630.3010% Better
Deluxe0.250.310.56460.3017% Better
Triple Glazed
With ESP0.200.270.44700.3033% Better
Deluxe0.180.270.44750.3040% Better

U-Value, SHGC, VT, CR values may slightly change for windows made with GBG (Grids Between Glass)
SHGC – Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
VT – Visible Transmittance
CR – Condensation Resistance
ESP – Energy Saving Package
CIT – Currently In Test
* Northern Climate Zone

IndustryComparison To
Our WindowsMinimumIndustry Minimum
AAMA RatingR 75R 15
Air Infiltration cfm/ft20.010.33000% Better
Water Penetration mph6633100% Better
Structural Integrity mph21094123% Better

Water Penetration mph – Specifies wind load pressure in mph a window can withstand without leaking, under rain equivalent to 8″ per hour.
Structural Integrity mph – Wind load in mph a window can withstand before breaking.

All result numbers are based on tested window sample by NFRC & AAMA testing window guidelines. Use for comparison purposes only. Actual values may vary depending on installation, size of the window, and other conditions.

Simulated Divided Light (SLD) Permanent interior and exterior grid with spacer will provide a truly authentic look. Interior grid are available in a euro white color or wood laminate which can be stained to match your home’s décor. External grid are available in euro white or colors to mach product exterior.

5/8″ Flat Grid between Glass
11/16″ Contour Grid between Glass

Are you looking for a stunning design detail to instantly set your home apart both inside and out? A choice of decorative grids for your windows & doors can highlight the architectural style that speaks to you.

Grids between glass (GBG) consist of aluminum bars sealed in the insulating airspace between the two panes of glass. Because the interior and exterior glass surfaces are not affected, cleaning your windows is a much easier task. GBG grids on two-tone windows are available with matching interior and exterior colors.

Most Common Grid Patterns

common grid patterns


Not Available.


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