Are you looking to replace your home windows? Rising energy costs, entry of allergens and leaks during rains are signs that indicate the right time to consider a replacement window. While the options are plenty, finding the best choice ensures the highest return on investment. Casement windows are unique and much different from the conventional options like the double hung windows and the sliding windows. Let us look into some of the important facts about casement windows.

1) What is unique about casement windows?

Casement windows pivot outward rather than inward and the screen must therefore be installed on the interior. The window makes use of hinges located on one side (hinges can be present on the left or on the right side) to operate. A small crank is built into the window sill and is used to open the window. Casement windows unlike the other options are ideal even for the most hard-to-reach places in a home.

2) How can the homeowner choose the direction in which the casement window can open?

Casement windows with hinges on either the left or the right side are available. To choose the right style, one must consider the following factors:
Aesthetics: When the hinges are closest to the corners, the casement window opens towards the center of the room thus offering a better look.
Ventilation: While choosing more than one replacement window for your home, install one left hinged casement window on one side of the house and choose a right-hinged one for the opposite. This orientation ensures maximum ventilation.
Casement window pairs: While placing two casement windows together, make sure they open like doors rather than a book. This implies that one window must be left hinged while the other must be right hinged.

3) Are casement windows secure enough for your home?

One of the important reasons to choose a replacement window is to add extra security and protection to the home. Casement windows come with an operating style that ensures maximum protection for the home. These windows can be operated only by using the crank that is built into the windowsill. Also, these windows close and lock flush only with the frame and manipulating them is not easy. Casement windows are tamper-proof and unlike the other window options, they do not demand the installment of additional hardware to make them a good source of security. Some house owners install auxiliary locks, use impact glass or even add an electronic security system for their casement windows to ensure optimal security.

4) Are casement windows an energy efficient option?

To close the casement window, one needs to press the sash against the frame thus leaving no chance for air leaks. Experts in the industry have revealed that casement windows are the most energy efficient option next to picture windows that cannot be opened at all.
When you wish to choose a replacement window, the foremost step is to find a provider of high quality replacement windows and then look for the casement window options they provide.