If your windows are old, damaged and no longer enhancing the look of your house, it’s time for replacement! Windows are an integral part of your house’s architectural look and play a crucial role in noise reduction and decreased energy bills. Energy loss through drafty windows can significantly increase your heating and cooling costs. Replacement windows area an investment you need to make to prevent further losses.  Here are a few signs that indicate it’s time to replace your windows:

Appearance of Cracks

Decaying frames and cracked windows are a clear indicator that you need to install replacement windows. Due to constant exposure to moisture, wind and sun, windows and frames tend to rot. Installing modern replacement windows is an important investment for your home.

Higher Energy Bills

If your heating and air conditioning bills have progressively gone higher, its time you check your windows. Old leaky windows are sure to create a hole in your pocket and installing replacement windows that provide better insulation, is what you need.


If you are noticing condensation on your windows, installation of replacement windows is highly recommended. Condensation happens when the warm air from the inside hits the cold window surface. This is a sure sign that there are issues with your windows.

Disturbing Outside Noise

If you are hearing a lot of outside noise, it means your windows aren’t sealed correctly. Excessive amount of outside noise can be quite annoying and can disrupt your peace. Modern replacement windows offer sound proofing and let you be calm and at ease.

Poor Window Operation

Operating your windows should not be cumbersome. A proper functioning lock is integral to your safety and proper insulation. If opening and closing your windows has become difficult, you should consider replacement.

Old and Outdated Windows

Windows are a prominent feature of your home. Outdated windows and frames can ruin the overall look of your house and impact its value. Modern replacement windows are available in variety of styles and a great to boost the curb appeal of your home.

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