Every window has its unique characteristics that differentiates it from other windows and just like them, hopper windows in one of those categories of windows that hold unique properties that makes it one of the most convenient options for your homes. If your home is in a desperate need of ventilation but lacks sufficient space to install windows, then a hopper window is the solution to your problem.

Here Are The Reasons That Why You Should Choose Hopper Windows:


Hopper windows are quite small in size in comparison to other windows and due to this reason it is suitable for those spaces where there is no sufficient space to install windows. It is usually installed near the ceilings and is perfect from a utility point of view. Also it helps to get natural light and ventilation in basement areas where windows can’t be installed.


It can be hard to believe for you but it’s true that even a small hopper window can be a great source of ventilation for your homes. Hopper windows allow hot air to flow out and fresh air to flow in. Since it is installed at the top, hot air rises and flows out from there.


The very first thing that comes to mind while installing a window is its maintenance. But you don’t need to worry as hopper windows require very low maintenance. Since it opens inwards, you can easily clean both sides of the frame without going outside. All you need to do is reach the height where it is installed. So make sure to carefully use a ladder or step stool to get there.

Safety And Privacy:

Hopper windows are very convenient and a safe choice for homes. Most of the hopper windows can’t open at a 90 degree angle due to which it is quite tough to break it. Also it is a great choice when you have to maintain privacy in your spaces.


In comparison to all other fancy options, hopper windows are very simple and a cost-effective option. They are very pocket friendly and can be easily installed in small spaces.

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