If you are lately feeling caught between whether to paint your windows or simply just replace them, this article could help solve your dilemma and take you in the right direction. We understand, thinking about windows is natural – especially when you are seeing it wear off with time. And while it’s great to think about re-doing them – what the correct method to do it depends
entirely on the crucial aspects that make or break your requirement.

To help you reach an intelligent conclusion, we have compiled a list of points that will support you in determining which option is the better pick for this task:

Let’s look at some pros and cons of both the sides, first –

Pros of painting

For owners that believe in keeping the uniqueness of the windows alive should go for painting over replacing. Since replacement of antique, old-school and classic windows is not an option in this case – going for painting is the only way to add life and value to these articles.

Painting is a fair and valid option if your windows have just started showing signs of wear and tear. If as a perfectionist, seeing even the slighting flaws in your windows irk you – going for an immediate painting job will help you maintain your windows and keep them from looking shabby and messy.

Cons of painting:

Painting has never been a permanent solution to fixing something that is reaching its end. And while it can slightly support keeping things together for some time, in the longer you will need to eventually go for a permanent fix which is a replacement of the article. Hence, ensure that you are thinking wisely and straight in this aspect as putting in money on painting only to replace them soon after will cause you financial losses.

Homes older than a certain amount of time usually have windows which consist of lead paint. And because such windows can only be repainted using these materials, it can be extremely dangerous and unhealthy for homeowners to be in an environment of such kind.

Painting is undoubtedly expensive, time-consuming and challenging. Hence if you are looking for a durable, quick and easy fix then going for replacement should be on your cards for its obvious reasons.

Pros of replacement

The best part about replacement is the longevity you earn from scratch. Since installment of new windows provides you guarantee and durability cards for the item, you do not have to think about painting them for at least 5-10 years if you have invested in good articles.

Replacement gives homeowners the opportunity to try out new styles and features. Since technological advancements keep bringing in new functionalities in almost each type of product, even the windows experience these changes and hence should be
updated keeping in mind the convenience features they bring in with the newly launched items.

If you are looking to improve energy efficiency, then painting will never be able to help you in that category. Since only replacing windows is advantageous in this situation, putting in some money and getting the final job done will make you reap an assortment of benefits.

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