Window Replacement Westchester NY

Windows not only protect you from weather elements but also add beauty to your home. However, replacement windows bronx ny needs your attention to keep its beauty and function intact. 

Maintaining window replacement is not that challenging, but you are required to keep certain things in mind to keep them in the best condition.

Here are some tips to guide you for maintenance of window replacement Westchester NY:

Cleaning Products

Maintaining your window replacement from time to time will keep them in good condition for a long time. However, using harsh chemicals while cleaning can affect their looks, leading to window failure, stripped finishes, and scratches.

Use mild detergent and soft clothes to clean the window frames and glass. Make sure to remove dust and debris before lubricating the window tracks and other moving parts for the smooth functioning of windows.

Checking the Window Screens

With time, you will notice an accumulation of dirt, dust, or grime on the window screen, causing further damage, so keep a regular check on the screens to ensure their longevity.

To improve the functioning of window installation bronx ny, remove the screen to check for any tears or holes, then place them on a flat surface. Use mild soap, water, and a soft brush to clean the windows screens. Put them aside until they get dry, and later reinstall them.


With regular inspection, you will find some gaps around the window frames that allow air to seep in and out, affecting the energy efficiency of your home. 

These gaps will allow moisture, which leads to issues like molds, resulting in the repair or replacement of frames. Caulking can protect your windows by sealing the frames against air or water leakage. If you find holes or cracks in the frames you can fix them by applying caulk.

Professional service

Hiring a professional service for window replacement Westchester maintenance will be a great idea as they have in-depth knowledge and skills to finish the task efficiently in a short span.

They come with the latest tools and equipment to save you from unnecessary stress and time. With proper inspection, they can tell you the exact problem and make repairs or replacements accordingly, saving you future expenses. 

Using these tips, you can improve the functioning and prolong the life of window replacement. Contact Window King LLC  to help you with window maintenance at unbeatable prices.