Let’s discuss the right time for window replacement Bronx NY :

Crack in windows

Whenever you notice any cracks in your window, then it’s a sign of window replacement. Ignoring this sign can lead to complete glass breakage over time and can welcome theft, pest, or molds to your house.

Prolong use of windows and weather elements like rain, wind, or snow can cause cracks or chips in your windows, affecting their functionality and curb appeal.


Another sign that hints towards window replacement is the draft. Faulty installation or damaged seals can make way for air seeping in and out. Hot air will make your interiors uncomfortable and humid.

A draft can also put pressure on your energy bills, so replacing your window will be a wise decision to save your energy bills. Moreover, your surroundings will be comfortable.

Difficult to open and close

With time, dirt, dust, or debris accumulates on window frames, which results in friction and makes it hard to open or close the windows easily, or sometimes window hinges wear down, making things difficult for you.

Even though you have tried several times to fix this issue, if there is no change in the situation, then it’s a call for you to replace the window.

High electricity bills

As you know, draft lets the hot air seep in due to which your interior becomes hot and humid. This hot air puts pressure on your HVAC system to control your home temperature, leading to high energy bills.

In such a situation, replacing the window with a new one will be an excellent option to reduce soaring electricity bills and increase the life of your air conditioner.

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