Have you been following the right methods to clean your windows? Well, if you aren’t then you may be approaching the need to get them replaced. However, if you have recently gotten them replaced then it’s time you learn the right way to clean the glass, or else another replacement session awaits you in 2022.

Here’s what you should learn and unlearn about the window glass cleaning process:

1- People who use ammonia-based cleaners are doing it the wrong way. Since harsh chemicals are highly damaging and harmful to glass integrity, you must never make use of them while cleaning your windows. Avoid using such solutions and cleaners as they do not only make your glass look hazy, dirty and old but also leave some residue on the window edges that attracts more dust and debris leading you to replace your windows time and again.

2- If you do not want any sort of streaks to appear on your window glass then avoid taking up the cleaning task on a sunny day. Since heat forms streaks on the glass surface when you are done wiping them, cleaning will barely make any difference if you do it on such days.

3- Tap water has hard minerals that can be very abrasive and often cause smears on the glass. For this, you must avoid using it for window cleaning as it will only result in spots and streaks.

4- Do not try to clean the entire window in one go. Do it in small portions as sometimes soap begins to dry before you even get the chance to rinse it off, leaving small spots and stubborn streaks on the glass.

Have you been facing some issues with your windows lately? Maybe you’ve been using them for too long now and it’s time you change them with new windows which you can clean and maintain appropriately. Call us today to get window replacement service!