No matter how much you know the fact the windows are a crucial feature of your place, you often ignore and overlook them. This is the chief reason why not much attention is paid to them. Since a lot of people circumvent the idea of cleaning them on a regular basis, there’s a lot that they have to pay back in terms of changing the windows, fixing them and what not.  

Older windows have the tendency to long as last as you want. However, cleaning is what it takes to keep them maintained and fresh. If you have recently installed new windows and want them to stay as it is for a long period of time, here’s what you need to do to give it care and cleanliness:  

1- Buy a good glass spray for regular cleaning of your windows. While most of the window replacement service providers themselves provide you with this item, in case you are not able to catch hold of it, get a separate spray bottle from the market for your daily use.  

2- If you are a working person and there’s very little time you can give to these chores, then calling for expert help at least once a month will do justice to the money you have spent on window buying.  

3- Gently scrubbing the surface on weekends is necessary to get rid of dirt and debris accumulation. This will not just keep your house clean and fresh, but will also keep hygiene intact for the family members.  

4- Do not use harsh cleaners or chemicals on your windows. These have the potential to etch the glass and might even put you into other troubles, which can be hard to avoid. Always use soft cloth materials, wipe clean or squeegee.  

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