Do you often think about windows and wonder which one to get for your next replacement project? No matter how much you think about it and feel experienced about these changes, only reading can help you get closer to knowledge.

There are various facts about windows that people don’t know and understand in detail. While these window facts and tips are not something that you will be asked about while purchasing or replacing one, having this piece of knowledge and information will help you make a better decision.

Take a look at the below-mentioned points to know what these top and crucial facts about windows are:

1- Wooden windows are the oldest type of windows there ever were. Since these look fine in terms of appearance and offered class, most people used them as their first preference. The type however is not used as much as the old times today for their quality has been overshadowed by various other window types. Wooden windows today get swollen as well as cracked in extreme heat and cool weather conditions.

2- One of the commonly used windows today are vinyls as they are extremely easy to install, clean and maintain.

3- Older windows when not replaced in a timely manner lead to poor insulation systems and air leaks. This can further contribute heavily to your heating bills as such conditions lead to more usage of heating.

4- Aluminium window is also an older window type which are mostly found in vintage homes. These however have great longevity as these barely demand hard maintenance procedures. They are quite inexpensive and cause easily upto 15-20 years.

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